High Voltage Laser Driver ATLSxA214

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Laser driver with high output voltage is capable of driving one or more laser diodes simultaneously. The input voltage can be 5V to 16V, and the output voltage is from 0V to 15V. The laser driver generates ultra low output current noise : <12µA@0.1Hz~10Hz, with high current stability <±600µA@4A &-20°C~80°C.  
Though this laser driver comes with high efficiency >92%, it doesn't need heat sink to dissipate heat, a small amount of heat.

The laser driver will shut down by itself when the temperature exceeds the temperature limit 120°C. Under shutdown mode, all the parts will stop working, while the input current is reduced to < 3µA. A loop good indication output is used to tell users if this laser driver is working well.

A high modulation speed can be achieved due to the output stage. There is an over current protection circuit in this laser driver, which prevents the laser driver from being damaged by over current. There is also a soft start circuit which allows the laser driver to increase its output current slowly during start up process and shut down the current quickly.

The physical photo of high voltage laser driver  ATLS4A214 

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