Super Kits Enclosure SK200

Time: Feb 16 2017 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:

Super kits enclosure SK200 is a newly developed enclosure products, which contains 200 individual compartment. As you may know, we have a very popular kits product, SK128B, sold over 50,000pcs with zero return. This new SK200 is upgraded from SK128B, with better performance and larger capacity.

This super kits enclosure is used for enclosing SMT components, such as SMT resistors, SMT capacitors and inductors, for 200 different values. This new enclosure is thinner than SK128B, but it can bear weight of over 100kg. The most important feature is that the top cover can be fixed in a certain angle, which saves much space on the bench top for users since the SK128B has a top cover that can only be put horizontally on the desk. The lid of each individual compartment can be fixed to the front lid. Moreover, this enclosure has an excellent sealing, and it won't leak components even down to 0201 size. The pictures below shows a real SK200.

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This is empty enclosure, and users can fill it with any components they like. We also provide other type of kits with components already inside, such as SMT resistor kits, SMT capacitor kit, and SMT inductor kit. You can simply check them here: