Laser Driver Load Assembly ALLD10A14V

Time: Apr 20 2017 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:

ATI has developed multiple series of laser drivers, such as low noise laser drivers, high efficiency laser drivers, constant laser drivers, or high voltage laser drivers. These laser drivers are designed for driving laser diodes. Laser driver load assembly ALLD10A14V is used for emulating laser diode that can evaluate laser drivers including low noise 103 and 104 series, high voltage 214 and 216 series, etc.

This laser driver load assembly includes a series of regular diodes with configuration switches, heat sink and fan, fan control circuit and over temperature detection and shutdown circuit. It comes with high continuous current capability, up to 10A, and extremely high pulse current capability, 180A. The reverse voltage on each diode is 150V. When the diode temperature exceeds 90°C, the load assembly will shut down itself automatically. This low cost load assembly saves a lot for user since the real laser diodes are vulnerable and expansive. Before using the real laser diodes, users can carry out tests with this load assembly for testing the laser drivers. It can also work with our laser driver evaluation board.

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