Evaluation Board of Laser Driver: ATLSXA212D

Time: Dec 01 2016 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:
The laser driver series ATLSXA212D comes with high efficiency, constant current, wide input and output voltage range, high output current capability, low output noise, wide modulation bandwidth, and compact size. It’s designed for driving one or multiple laser diode arrays. This laser driver series includes ATLS1A212D, ATLS2A212D and ATLS3A212D. 
This laser driver series can be evaluated by its evaluation board, ATLS212EV1.0. It is designed for evaluating DIP package laser drivers conveniently. 
The evaluating board ATLS212EV1.0 comes with some excellent features. There are some solder pads on the four edges of the board for all the interface ports of the laser driver. There is an LED in the upper middle part of the board in order to indicate if the controller works properly. There is a terminal block on the left side of the board, which is used for connecting wires going into the ports of the laser driver. The output current can be measured by anammeter, which can be inserted between the 2 multi-meter lead sockets: AMMTR+ and AMMTR, located on the lower edge of the board. 
Moreover, it is highly recommended to use this evaluation board with the dummy load diode assembly to emulate one or multiple laser diodes. 
ATI provides more laser drivers with different currents and voltages. If you want to know about laser driver and evaluation board, please contact us.
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