High Voltage Constant Current Laser Driver ATLS4A217

Time: Jun 01 2017 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:

ATLS4A217 is a newly developed high voltage constant current laser driver that is designed for driving one or more laser diodes with high efficiency and low noise. Compared with other high voltage laser drivers, it has lower output current, but doubles the allowable maximum input voltage to 28V. ATI offers multiple solutions for driving laser diodes.

This laser driver has a compact size, a wide input voltage range from 5.5V to 28V, high output current 4A, low noise and high efficiency of over 90%, wide modulation bandwidth from DC to 10kHz for driving diode pumped single mode laser diodes to achieve mode-hop-free and narrow optical wavelength drift.

Thanks to high efficiency, this laser driver does not need a heat sink during normal operation. This laser driver is enclosed in the six sided metal enclosure for blocking incoming and outgoing EMIs.


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