High Voltage Laser Drivers: ATLSxA212

Time: Jan 03 2018 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:

There is an urgent need in the market for high voltage laser driver. High voltage laser driver is designed for driving a serial of diode laserssimultaneously, recently we developed ATLSXA212 series laser drivers. The power supply voltage (VPS) is between 4.75V to 16V and the output voltage can be from 1V to (VPS -1V), e.g. the maximum output voltage can be 14V when powered by a 15V power supply.

This series laser drivers come with three current, 1A, 2A and 3A. The corresponding part numbers are: ATLS1A212D, ATLS2A212D, and ATLS3A212D. The main features of these high voltage laser drivers are high efficiency, high output power, compact size, high current stability, low output noise, and wide modulation bandwidth. These controllers can be evaluated conveniently by using their evaluation board, ATLS212EV1.0. Since high power lasers are often costly, we have also developed a load assembly that can be used to emulate the expensive laser diodes for evaluating the laser controllers, which avoids costly mistakes when evaluating laser controllers.

The laser driver comes with two packages: DIP (Dual in Line) package and SMT (Surface Mount Technology) package. The former has the part number with a suffix "D", and the latter with the suffix "S". DIP package is for easy evaluation. SMT package performs more stable, but it’s not easy to replace or take off.

  The physical photo of a high voltage constant current laser driver

We also provides other high performance laser drivers with different voltages and currents. If you want to know more details, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Our website: http://www.analogtechnologies.com/high_voltage_constant_current_laser_driver.html