New SMT Resistor Kit

Time: Apr 01 2017 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:

New SMT resistor kit is the upgraded from our existing resistor kit. This resistor kit is based on our newly developed SMT component enclosure SK200, which has 200 individual lidded compartments for enclosing various SMT components.

This new resistor kit is actually a differential resistor kit, which offers different amounts of 0402 size resistors for different values. There are 196 values and 760 values resistors. For example, for the part number R04B760V50-20D, it is 760 value resistor kit, and 50pcs for the resistors of commonly used value, and 20pcs for the resistors of rarely used value. Although the overall price of this new resistor kit is higher than our existing 128 values and 510 values resistor kits, but the cost for each resistor or each resistor value of this new resistor kits is much lower. This new resistor kit contain more values of resistors.

For the enclosure, the most important feature is that the top cover can be fixed in a certain angle after opening, which saves a lot of space on the user’s bench top. It is slim but can bear an adult’s weight, almost 100kg. It’s convenient for you to take the kit in your bag to anywhere.

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