Laser Driver Load Assembly

Load assembly is designed to emulate laser diodes for evaluating laser drivers. These laser drivers can be used to drive one or multiple laser diodes with high efficiency and low noise for DPSSL, EDFA, or fiber laser applications. They accept wide range input voltage and their output voltage can be from 0V to almost the same as the input voltage. The size is very small, but can output high current, high voltage, thus high output power. In addition, these laser drivers have low output noise (except that there is a 500kHz 4mVp-p ripple voltage at the output) and wide modulation bandwidth. This laser load assembly can be used with this evaluation board, or be used alone, as a dummy laser load, to emulate one or multiple laser diodes.

load Assembly

Emulate the non-linearity of laser diodes
High continuous current capability: up to 4A
Extremely high pulse current capability: 100A
High reverse voltage on each diode: 100V
Variable voltage drop steps: 0.88V, 1.76V, 2.64V
Constant fan speed at wide input voltage: 4.5V to 16V
Over temperature shutdown @ diode temperature > 90°C
Low noise high airflow fan

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This load assembly, ALLD10A14V, is designed to emulate laser diodes for evaluating laser driver. The dummy laser uses regular durable diodes, the maximum current allowed is up to 100A for a short time, and the maximum reverse voltage is 150V for each diode.

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