High Voltage Laser Driver

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Laser driver is an electronic module, which is designed for driving a serial of diode lasers. High voltage laser driver features an input voltage between 4.75V to 16V. this laser driver is of high efficiency, so it generates small amount of heat, thus, there is no need for a heat sink for normal operation.

This laser driver has a wide input and output voltage range and high output current capability. Moreover, it outputs low noise with high efficiency. The wide output voltage range allows driving one or multiple diode lasers simultaneously. The high voltage laser driver generates a high accuracy low noise reference voltage, which is applied for setting the output current

There are three control states, shutdown, standby and operation. The laser driver is packaged in 6-side metal enclosure, which prevents the laser driver and other electronics from interfering each other. Both DIP and SMT packages are available.
The physical photo of a constant current laser driver

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