New High Voltage High Current TEC Controller TEC50V20AB

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TEC controllers (Peltier controller) are used to drive TEC modules for precisely regulating object temperature by controlling the direction and magnitude of the current going through the TEC. Analog Technologies, Inc has developed a new high voltage high current TEC controller TEC50V20AB with built-in auto PID control system. It is designed for high power TEC modules.

Main Features
Built-in Smart Auto PID Control – the World’s First

Power Supply Voltage: 50V

High Output Voltage: ±40V

High Output Current: 20A

High Efficiency: > 92% @ VVPS = 50V & VTEC = 25V & ITEC = 20A

High Temperature Stability: < ±0.001°C

Low Thermistor Injection Current: < 1µA

Continuous Bi-directional Output

Programmable Output Current and Voltage Limits

Real Time Temperature, Current and Voltage Signals

Selectable Temperature Sensor Types: thermistor, RTD, or temperature sensor IC

High Reliability and Zero EMI

Compact Size: 63(L) × 61(W)× 16.7(H) (mm)

The DC supply voltage range of TEC50V20AB has a wide DC power supply range from 5V through 50V. The maximum output voltage is ±40V, and the maximum current is up to 20A. Although the power of this TEC controller is high, the latest BLOCK package allows it to have good heat dissipation. The controller can achieve the best operating temperature without additional heat dissipation devices, ensuring high efficiency up to 92%.

Although the power of TEC50V20AB is increased, its temperature stability and reliability are not decreased. On the contrary, it is better than similar products. Moreover, to facilitate the use for customers, it is compatible with more temperature sensor types, such as thermistor, RTD or temperature sensor chip, which highly advantageous and beneficial for your project.

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