New High Voltage High Speed Amplifier AHVAHS2KV2X20MA

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Analog Technologies, Inc has released a new high voltage signal amplifier with a high voltage range output of over 1000 volts, the AHVAHS2KV2X20MA. With the ability to drive loads with high voltage and high power, it has been widely used in communications, signal detection, and power driving, and can also be used to drive piezoelectric loads with high impedance and low capacitance.

Main Features

· Built-in high voltage converter

· High current capability: Up to 20mA

· High slew rate: 800V/µs

· Bandwidth: Up to 1MHz

· Wide output voltage range: VOUT=0~2kV@VIN=24V

· Offset voltage range: 10V

· Compact size: 181.5(L) × 149.0(W) × 38.3(H) mm

· Weight: 2.2lb (1.0kg)

AHVAHS2KV2X20MA has a built-in high voltage DC-DC converter, which can convert 24V input voltage to 0 to 2kV output voltage. When the supply voltage is 24V, the analog output voltage is adjustable from 0 to 2kV. There are three LED indicators on the panel to show whether the amplifier is working correctly.

When AHVAHS2KV2X20MA is used as a piezo driver, it can also drive large piezo load at high speed, which is well received by customers. The most important feature of this high voltage amplifier is its high speed, with the slew rate up to 800V/µs and bandwidth up to 1MHz.

Analog Technologies provides a series of high voltage amplifiers with complete models and powerful functions. If you are interested in any high voltage amplifier, feel free to contact us.

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