DC-to-DC Step-Down Switching Regulator ATDC1934

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A DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator is an electronic circuit that converts a higher voltage DC input to a lower voltage DC output. It does this by switching the input voltage on and off at a high frequency, and then filtering and smoothing the resulting waveform to produce the desired output voltage. This type of regulator is used in a wide range of applications, including power supplies, battery chargers, and voltage regulators for electronic circuits.

The ATDC1934 is such a high-efficiency, high-frequency, and wide input range DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator. It provides up to 0.7A of output current, with a fixed switching frequency of 660kHz. This current-mode PWM controlled converter employs a proprietary control scheme that switches the device into a power-saving mode during light load, thereby extending the range of high-efficiency operation.

The ATDC1934 is designed with the following features and benefits:

Wide Input Voltage Range: The ATI1934 has a wide input voltage range of 4.0V to 38V, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

High Efficiency: With its high-frequency switching and power-saving mode, the ATDC1934 is capable of achieving efficiencies of up to 95%, thus minimizing the power losses.

Compact Size: The use of a current-mode PWM control scheme allows the use of small external components, such as ceramic input and output capacitors and small inductors, thereby reducing the overall size of the regulator.

OVP Function: The ATDC1934 incorporates an Over Voltage Protection (OVP) function, which protects the IC and downstream systems from input voltage surges, making it ideal for industrial applications such as smart meters and automotive applications.

Stable and Precise Output Current: The ATDC1934 provides the laser diode with a stable and precise electrical current to ensure that the laser operates at the desired output power level and wavelength.

The ATDC1934 DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator can be used in a variety of applications, including:

Industrial Applications: The ATDC1934's OVP function and wide input voltage range make it suitable for use in smart meters and automotive applications.

Laser Diode Control: The ATDC1934 can be used as a laser driver to control the output power and wavelength of laser diodes used in telecommunications, laser printing, and laser cutting.

Power Management: The ATDC1934 can be used to convert high voltage DC to lower voltage DC for power management applications in various industries.

Overall, the ATDC1934 DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator is a high-performance, efficient, and versatile step-down switching regulator that can be used in a wide range of applications. With its wide input voltage range, high efficiency, small size, and OVP function, it is an ideal solution for industrial applications, laser diode control, and power management. The ATI1934 is a high-quality product that provides reliable and stable performance, making it a great choice for engineers and designers.

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