Step-Down Switching Regulator ATDC2934

Time: Feb 20 2023 Source: Analog Technologies, Inc. Author: ATI Click:

The ATDC2934 is a high efficiency DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator designed to step down high voltage input sources to lower voltages, with an input voltage range of 5V-42V and output current of 600mA.

It has the following features:

Wide Input Voltage Range: The ATDC2934 can handle input voltages ranging from 5V to 42V, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

High Efficiency: The step-down switching regulator operates at high efficiency, up to 95%, allowing for reduced heat generation and longer battery life in portable applications.

Current Limit Protection: The ATDC2934 is equipped with current limit protection to prevent damage to the regulator and downstream components.

High Frequency: The switching frequency can be programmed up to 1.2MHz, providing design flexibility to optimize performance for specific applications.


The ATDC2934 is well-suited for applications where high voltage input sources need to be stepped down to lower voltage levels, including:

Industrial Control: The regulator can be used in industrial control applications, such as motor drives and power supplies.

Automotive: The ATDC2934 can be used in automotive applications, such as battery chargers and power distribution.

Portable Devices: The high efficiency of the regulator makes it ideal for use in battery-powered portable devices, such as medical instruments and mobile devices.

Overall, the ATDC2934 is a high efficiency, versatile, and reliable DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator that offers a range of features and capabilities suitable for a variety of applications. With its wide input voltage range, high efficiency, current limit protection, and programmable frequency, the ATDC2934 provides precise regulation for a range of high voltage input sources. The regulator's protection features also help to ensure safe and reliable operation. Whether used in industrial control, automotive, or portable devices, the ATDC2934 is a robust and reliable regulator that can meet the most demanding requirements.

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