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I/O Proportional High Voltage Power Supply

Time: Jul 20 2020    Click: 184

High voltage power supply is more and more popular in the market. We have many different types of high voltage power supplies, such as DC to DC high voltage power supplies, AC to DC high voltage power supplies, bench top ones, DIP packaged ones, etc. Now we have just released a new type, I/O proportional high voltage power supplies. These power supplies output voltage is proportional to the input voltage. The launched products now include 12V and 15V input voltage and 500V, 1kV, 3kV and 4kV outp...(more)

The World's Only High Voltage High Power Compact High Efficiency TEC Controller TEC28V15A

Time: May 25 2020    Click: 229

ATI has released a TEC controller TEC28V15A with high voltage, high power, high efficiency and compact size. With so many features, this TEC controller can facilitate electronic engineers applications. The output voltage is up to 28V and the maximum output current is 15A. It has an efficiency of 92% or higher. The module size is only 35.96mm*35.96mm*8.2mm. By using this TEC controller in your application, it can drive a TEC module or multiple TECs at high efficiency and high reliability without...(more)

High Voltage Piezo Driver AHVA1KV7A

Time: May 13 2020    Click: 269

A newly developed high voltage and high power piezo driver has been launched recently and can be found in the official website of Analog Technologies, Inc. This piezo driver can also be called high voltage amplifier. This high voltage piezo driver can be directly place on your bench top. The maximum output current is 7A and the output voltage ranges from 0V to 1000V. The maximum power of this piezo driver is 7000W. A high voltage high current AC-DC converter is built in this high voltage piezo d...(more)

Variable Resistor and Capacitor Box

Time: Mar 19 2020    Click: 191

Analog Technologies has developed and launched a brand new variable resistor and capacitor box, ATVRC101, becoming a new member of the adjustable decade box family. Have a look at the physical photo of this new product. The main difference between the new box and the existing adjustable resistor and capacitor boxes lies in the frequency of compensation network tuning. The former can be applied to higher frequency compensation network tuning from 1MHz to 10MHz, and the latter two boxes are used f...(more)

TECA2-xV-xV-DAH TEC Controller

Time: Dec 25 2019    Click: 204

Great news! Analog Technologies just launched a new TEC controller, TECA2-xV-xV-DAH. This TEC controller features a smaller size than our TECA1-xV-xV-DAH, which helps save more valuable space in your application. The physical photo of our new TEC controller is shown as follows: This TEC controller is usually used for driving TECs to regulate the system temperature. Among other TEC controllers of our company, this one boasts high efficiency, high precision, high reliability, more compact size, an...(more)

0201 SMT Resistor Kits

Time: Aug 28 2019    Click: 308

Super SMT resistor kits are popular in the market for over 20 years. In recent days, we launched a new series of resistor kits, 0201 series, which encloses SMT resistors of 0201 size. This resistor kit includes an SMT component enclosure, which was also developed by us, and a series of resistors with different quantities. This resistor kit would not leak any resistors even as small as 0201 size. The cover can be fixed at a certain angle that can help save the space of your bench. The enclosure o...(more)

High Voltage Amplifier AHVA2KV2X20MA

Time: Aug 21 2019    Click: 281

ATI has launched a new product, high voltage amplifier AHVA2KV2X20MA. It is a high voltage power supply designed for amplifying an analog input voltage into a high voltage output voltage. This amplifier has a very compact size, measuring 150mm*120mm*20mm. You can view its physical photo as follows. A high voltage DC-DC converter is built in this high voltage amplifier that can convert an input voltage of 24V to an output voltage from 0V to 2kV. It has an LED indicator showing the working status...(more)

Liquid Level Control Switch

Time: Apr 16 2019    Click: 224

Id like to share a new product of Analog Technologies, Inc. (ATI) , liquid level control switch ALLCS500MA45-21. The liquid level control switch is also called the water level control switch. As the name implies, it is a switch for detecting and controlling the level of the liquid. This switch has two modes: normally open and normally closed. The stainless steel float moves up and down with the liquid, and triggers the switch when it reaches the preset level. The normally closed (open) switch pe...(more)