Micro TEC Controller TEC14M5V3R5AS

Time: Jul 20 2020 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:

A brand new micro TEC controller, TEC14M5V3R5AS, has been launched by Analog Technologies. This is a revolutionary product, which is highly integrated and has a more compact size than other TEC controllers in the market.

This micro TEC controller only measures: 0.55"×0.55"×0.08" (14.0mm×14.0mm×2.1mm). With such small size, this TEC controller cost much less than regular TEC controllers, while keeping nearly the same functions. You can see the photo of this TEC controller here:

Main features of this micro TEC controller include temperature measurement, temperature monitoring, temperature control loop status indication, TEC voltage monitoring, power up delay, and shut down. All of these features make it suitable for driving TECs in your thermal system and other applications. This TEC controller can go through reflow oven process, which is more convenient in use than the TEC controllers with metal enclosure.

Analog Technologies warrants the performance of our TEC controller for one year, and you can feel free to try our product in your systems. We also provide technical supports for you and do our best to assist you in using our TEC controller.

If you are interested in our new micro TEC controller, then check our web page and review our datasheet here:



In our datasheet, you can find more detailed information such as features, product descriptions, application information, block diagram, pin locations and functions, as well as specifications, to help you better understand the product.

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