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Low Noise High Voltage Laser Driver ATLS100MA116

Time: Apr 15 2019    Click: 357

ATI has developed multiple new laser drivers, such as high voltage constant current laser driver ATLS15A218 , digital high voltage constant current laser driver ALDD28V15A401 . Here, I would like to show you another brand new laser driver, high voltage low noise laser driver ATLS100MA116. This laser driver boasts small size, low noise, and high input voltage. It can be used for driving diode lasers with up to 100mA low noise current. The input voltage ranges from 4.5V to 16V. No heat sink is nee...(more)

Digital High Voltage Constant Current 15A Laser Driver

Time: Mar 29 2019    Click: 289

ATI has developed multiple types of laser diode drivers these years, and most of them are analog ones. To meet the rising demands of digital laser drivers in the market, we have developed a brand new digital high voltage constant current laser driver with up to 15A output current and 28V input voltage. This laser driver is used for driving one or multiple laser diodes with low noise and high efficiency. The part number of this digital laser driver is ALDD28V15A401. This laser driver comes with d...(more)

Metal Ceramic Heater

Time: Jan 17 2019    Click: 297

ATI is releasing a new series of products, metal ceramic heater (MCH). MCH is short for metal ceramics heater, which can also be called MCH heater, metal ceramic heating element, alumina metallic ceramic heating element. This heater is widely used in industry, agriculture, communication, and many other fields. This metal ceramic heater is used to replace the alloy wire and PTC heating elements and components that are most widely used nowadays. Compared with those material, it is noiseless and co...(more)

Quantum Cascade Laser Driver

Time: Dec 27 2018    Click: 245

Quantum cascade laser is a semiconductor laser that emits spectra in the mid- to far-infrared bands, and quantum cascade laser driver (QCL driver) is used for driving such lasers for multiple applications such as radar, spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, etc. This QCL driver is chassis mounted with compact size and weight, and you can take a look at the photo below. The dimension of this module is 50mm50mm14mm, which helps save a lot of space in your prototype. It comes with ultra low noise (0.5...(more)

The World's Most Advanced Laser Driver ATLS15A218

Time: Nov 02 2018    Click: 318

Have you ever heard of Analog Technologies, Inc? If you are an engineer who is in the analog electronic field, I guess the answer must be Yes. Being the first class company in the world, Analog Technologies, Inc will give you the complete guide on choosing the most appropriate laser drivers, tec controllers and other analog electronic components. Recently, through efforts, we have successfully developed one high voltage constant current laser driver/controller , which is amazed in the analog fie...(more)

New TEC Controller TEC28V15A

Time: Jul 26 2018    Click: 350

After 14 years persistant, continuous and effective team effort, we have finally finished the development of the worlds first and only high efficiency high power compact size TEC controller: TEC28V15A. Inside this controller, it has low noise high accuracy analog circuits, high efficiency output stage, complex digital circuits, and sophisticated firmware. You can find more information in our product page: http://www.analogtechnologies.com/TEC_controller_TEC28V15A.html...(more)

ATI High Efficiency Piezo Drivers are the Best Choices

Time: Mar 21 2018    Click: 236

The basic principle of the Piezo driver is based on the inverse piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric ceramic material, i.e. control the mechanical deformation of the piezoelectric ceramic by using an electric signal in order to achieve desired effects. So what is the ultimate goal of choosing a high efficiency Piezo driver? Founded in 1997, ATI is a high-tech company specialized in the research, development, production and marketing of analog and digital hardware modules, subsystems, and te...(more)

High Voltage Laser Drivers: ATLSxA212

Time: Jan 03 2018    Click: 715

There is an urgent need in the market for high voltage laser driver. High voltage laser driver is designed for driving a serial of diode laserssimultaneously, recently we developed ATLSXA212 series laser drivers . The power supply voltage (VPS)is between 4.75V to 16V and the output voltage can be from 1V to (VPS -1V), e.g. the maximum output voltage can be 14V when powered by a 15V power supply. This series laser drivers come with three current, 1A, 2A and 3A. ...(more)