New QCL Drivers

Time: Aug 05 2020 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:
QCL is short for quantum cascade laser. Analog Technologies has just released some new QCL drivers, with up to 100mA, 200mA, 1A, 2A and 3A current respectively. The part number of these QCL drivers are AQCL100MA410DF, AQCL200MA410DF, AQCL1A410DF, AQCL2A410DF and AQCL3A410DF. Our QCL drivers can be used to driver QCL with these currents.
These QCL drivers are chassis mounted, and have some features such as input voltage polarity reverse protection, under voltage protection, over temperature protection, current limit, control loop good indication, output current real-time monitoring, high absolute accuracy, high stability, and more. These new drivers allow an input voltage from 10V to 28V. Compared with our competitors’ QCL drivers, we need just one power supply while other manufacturer’s driver needs two or more power supplies. Their input voltage is lower, 25V. Those drivers do not come with over current protection and polarity reverse protection to avoid accidental damages to the QCL. Their drivers have a larger size and weight, but higher pricing. Our QCL drivers cost less than half of their price.
More detailed information about this quantum cascade laser driver can be found in here:
Besides this laser drivers, we also developed more series of laser drivers and you can find them here.