New Digital Laser Driver ALDD28V5A401

Time: Aug 17 2020 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:

Analog Technologies, Inc. has just released a new digital laser driver, ALDD28V5A401, which has a digital display for parameter setting and monitoring. This new laser driver can output a current up to 5A with more than 90% efficiency. The following figure is the physical photo of this new laser driver.

As you may notice in its part number that the 28V indicates the maximum power supply voltage is 28V, and 5A is the maximum output current. 401 is the series number. With such a high input voltage and output current, this digital laser driver features a small size, and only measures: 68.5×61.0×16.6. Such a small laser driver not only saves a lot of spaces for your applications, but also provides excellent practical functions. It can be used by OEM in large volume, or by professionals in their labs, or can even be integrated in some machines to function well. This laser driver outputs very low current noise, very high current stability, low output ripple voltage, wide modulation bandwidth, dual independent current setting ports, and direct digital modulation control. Compared to similar laser drivers in the market, our laser driver costs lower but yet provides more functions.

This is only a brief introduction to our new digital laser driver. If you’d like to know more details, check its datasheet, or visit our website:

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