128-Bin Super Enclosure SK128B

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The 128-Bin Super Enclosure SK128B is the world's only storage solution with 128 individually lidded bins for safely enclosing your SMT/SMD components, including SMT/SMD resistors, SMT/SMD capacitors, SMT/SMD inductors, ICs, etc. Each of the 128 bins is covered by a top lid, which is held in place by a foam pad that applies pressure to ensure that all lids are securely closed. This innovative design allows the enclosure to tolerate strong vibrations and shocks without risking the components inside leaking out.


Putting >100 different SMT/SMD parts into one letter size enclosure

A convenient way for sorting, storing and accessing SMT/SMD components

Avoid losing and mixing up important SMT/SMD components

The best choice for building prototypes or reworking PCBs

Reducing the time for obtaining an SMT/SMD component to seconds

Solving the common workbench clutter problem

Saving valuable time and increasing work efficiency

Can easily be put on a workbench or stored on a shelf

Portable and can easily be transported to another site

Have been used and loved by thousands of users worldwide