What is Piezoelectric Crystal

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Piezoelectric crystal is a non-centrosymmetric crystal, deforming under the mechanical force, which causes the relative displacement of the charged particles, so that positive and negative bound charges are produced on the crystal surface. The property of the electric potential difference between the two ends of the piezoelectric crystal's polar axis is called piezoelectricity, or piezoelectric effect. Conversely, the process in which an external electric field forces the piezoelectric crystal to deform is called the inverse piezoelectric effect.

The piezo driver uses the inverse piezoelectric effect to form a mechanical drive or mechanical control. The piezoelectric crystal features fast response, high precision, and strong anti-interference capability, the driving and control device it involves in is simple in structure and quick in response, and can be used in a wide range of applications. The piezoelectric drive and control devices that have been developed mainly include ultrasonic motors, precision drivers, etc., and have been successfully applied in many fields, such as national defense, biomedicine, and optoelectronics.

The piezo driver APZD300V2A developed and designed by Analog Technologies, Inc. is enclosed in a metal shell that effectively shields noise interference, with a compact size. It is flexible and convenient to install in other devices. This piezo driver comes with a built-in signal generator that can generate standard signals such as sine waves, square waves, and triangle waves.

This piezo driver is a medium voltage amplifier, with 5V DC input voltage, a wide output voltage range of −30V~300V, and an ultra wide operating frequency range of 0.1Hz~20kHz.

Several high voltage amplifiers launched by Analog Technologies at the same period can also be used as piezo drivers.

In addition, if the piezo driver you are currently using cannot fully meet the needs of your project, or you have not found a suitable piezo driver, feel free to contact us and we will give you professional advice, or customize a piezo driver for your project.

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