Thermistor - ATH10K1R3B3950K0.5%

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Glass Encapsulated for Long Term Stability & Reliability
High Stability: <0.1°C/Y
Small Size: φ1.3mm×2.4mm
High Resistance Accuracy: 0.5%
Quick Response Time: 7s
Wide Temp. Range: -40°C to 250°C
Leads: dumet wires (copper-clad FeNi)
100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant


The ATH10K1R3B3950K0.5% thermistor is ideal for temperature sensing in high-precision devices such as laser diodes and optical components that require accurate temperature monitoring. In addition, due to its low cost, it is also suitable for use in automotive electronics, industrial electronics, and home appliances where cost-effective temperature sensing is required.