Stainless Steel Capped Thermistor

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High strength stainless steel cap

High precision glass encapsulated thermistor inside

Excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range

High resistance accuracy: ≤ ±1°C (within 95°C-102°C)

Wide operating temp. range: -30°C to 300°C

100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant


Sensors for water temperature control in, for example:

-  Washing machines

-  Dish washers

-  Heat pumps

-  Electric boilers.

ATSC230K-100 thermistors have a negative temperature coefficient. The head of thermistor consists of a glass encapsulation that housed in stainless steel sheath, a rectangle flange and one mounting hole. The body is packaged by wire cable and the plug has two pole female connectors. Temperature measurement range can reach 250 °C. Sensing liquid, gas or solid temperatures in harsh environment is reliable, specially designed for water boilers.


Note: Free samples of thermistors at most 3 can be given after application and its approval.
Free sample application will need the follow information: contact name, company name, company website, company email, work phone number, and potential usuage volume.