Quantum Cascade Laser

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The working principle of quantum cascade laser is different from that of common semiconductor lasers. It breaks the electron-hole complex stimulated radiation mechanism of traditional p-n junction semiconductor lasers, and only the electrons participate in the stimulated radiation process of QCL.

The advantage of quantum cascade lasers over other lasers lies in the cascade process. Electrons jump from high energy level to low energy level without any loss, and then inject into the next process to illuminate again. This cascade process "circulates" these electrons, creating an amazing laser. The invention of quantum cascade lasers is a milestone in the field of semiconductor lasers.

The brand new AQCL500MA410 low noise quantum cascade laser driver is designed for driving such quantum cascade lasers with chasis-mounted structure.

It can provide multiple functions such as ultra low current noise, wide modulation bandwidth, good control loop indication pin and output current monitoring pin to monitor the working state of the laser driver. This laser driver has an urgent application prospect in infrared communication, long-distance detection, air pollution monitoring, industrial soot analysis, chemical process monitoring, molecular spectroscopy research, and non-invasive medical diagnosis.

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