High Performance Metal Ceramic Heater

Time : Mar 25 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Metal Ceramics Heater is short for MCH and can also be named as MCH ceramic heating element, alumina metallic ceramic heating element, HTCC ceramic heating element, and ceramic heater. As for its materials, MCH is made up of high melting point metal heating resistance slurry such as tungsten or molybdenum-manganese printed onto 96% alumina casting ceramic green body according to the design requirements of the heating circuit. Now, please find the physical photo of Metal Ceramics Heater produced by Analog Technologies, Inc.

When it comes to its main features, it can be concluded as below:

No noise

High efficiency

Saving energy

Long service life

Corrosion resistance

High temperature resistance

Cold and heat shock resistance

This MCH can be widely applied in our daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communication, environmental protection, industrial drying equipment, water, oil, acid and alkali liquid heaters such as: hair dryer, electronic cigarette, and so on.

Besides, for this kind of products, we have many different products, and all of them are with different dimensions, internal resistance and maximum power allowed, so it can meet your different requirements. Please find the following table.