Digital High Voltage Constant Current Laser Driver

Time : Apr 02 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

As a professional company that is specialized in developing laser driver related products, Analog Technologies, Inc. has invested much human and material resources. Eventually, we developed this digital high voltage constant current laser driver recently successfully; whose part number is ALDD28V15A401. It features simultaneously: wide input and output voltage range, high output current capability, high efficiency, low output noise (but it has an output 6mVp-p ripple voltage at 500 kHz), wide modulation bandwidth, and small size. Please find the physical photo of this laser driver as below:

The actual laser current and laser driver temperature are monitored by dedicated ports. In case the laser driver temperature exceeds the limit, 80°C, the laser driver will shut down the output stage by itself and force the laser drive into Standby Mode. There is a loop good indication output to tell if the laser driver works ok.

This laser driver is popular among our customers once it is put into the market as it contains advanced analog technology that is hard to achieve. You can refer to the following detailed specifications.

The ALDD28V15A401 uses a constant frequency high efficiency PWM output stage.

For more detailed information, please refer to the datasheet of this digital high voltage constant current laser driver.