Load Assembly-ALLD10A14V

Time : Nov 20 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Have you ever heard of Analog Technologies, Inc.? If you are an engineer who is in the analog electronic field, I guess the answer must be “Yes”. Being the first class company in the world, Analog Technologies, Inc will give you the complete guide on choosing the most appropriate laser drivers, tec controllers and other analog electronic components. Recently, through efforts, we have successfully developed one laser driver load assembly, whose part number is ALLD10A14V. This load assembly, ALLD10A14V, is designed to emulate laser diodes for evaluating laser driver. The laser driver can be used to drive one or multiple laser diodes with high efficiency and low noise for DPSSL, EDFA, or fiber laser applications. Please take a look of the physical photo of this load assembly.

Now, let me introduce the main parameters of this laser driver load assembly.

Emulate the Non-Linearity of Laser Diodes

High Continuous Current Capability: up to 10A

Extremely High Pulse Current Capability: 180A

High Reverse Voltage on Each Diode: 150V

Variable Voltage Drop Steps: 0.8V, 1.6V, 2.4V, … 12.8V@10A, 25°C

Constant Fan Speed at Wide Input Voltage: 4.5V to 16V

Over Temperature Shutdown @ Diode Temperature >90°C

Low Noise High Airflow Fan with Thermistor & PWM Control

If you are interested in this product, you may refer to the datasheet of this product.