ATLS1.5A104 Laser Driver

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ATLS1.5A104 laser diode driver is used for driving laser diodes with up to 1.5A ultra low noise, high output current stability and a compact size. With a metal enclosure with six sides, this laser driver is free from EMIs of other surrounding electronic devices.

More excellent features can be found in this laser driver other than the above, such as independently programmable output current and its limit, soft start, loop good indication, controller internal temperature monitoring, complete shielding, compact size, 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant, etc. There are also two packages available, DIP and SMT package, fit for different applications. Three states can be found in this laser driver, shutdown, standby and operation, based on the voltage range. The laser driver will be shut down when it detects the temperature going beyond the temperature limit, and it will restart itself when the temperature falls back to the normal range. An evaluation board, ATLS1A103DEV1.0, is also offered for conveniently evaluating this laser driver.

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