High Voltage Power Supply AHV5V3KV1MAW

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How much do you know about high voltage power supplies? Today let me take you to have a general tour for learning about what are good high voltage power supplies. Generally speaking, there are two types of high voltage power supply modules, which are DC-DC conversion and AC-DC conversion. This product can convert low DC voltage into high DC voltages with high efficiency. Then you may ask how to pick out a good and high quality high voltage power supply modules in such a massive market, let me answer you in the most simple way. There are several parameters you need to pay attention to, such as input voltage, output voltage, internal reference voltage, input control voltage and output voltage rise time, and so on.

Now I will introduce one of our most popular high voltage power supplies, whose part No. is AHV5V3KV1MAW.

Its main features are High precision, Full modulation range on output voltage and linear regulation. High voltage power supply is widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, scientific research and other fields including: X-ray machine high voltage power supply, laser high voltage power supply, spectral analysis high voltage power supply, etc.

The internal protection circuit is provided in the high voltage power supply, but the high voltage short circuit shall be avoided. Make sure the circuit is insulated perfectly, especially between the high voltage output and the surroundings so as to avoid electronic shock.