General Electronic Products

We design and make standard off-the-shelf as well as customized products for meeting customers' general and special requirements respectively. Additionally, we provide services for our customers and always do our best to cooperate with our customers, partners, vendors, and even competitors. We can only be happy and profitable by making our customers, vendors and partners be the same first. Therefore, your feedback is important for us. Whenever you have any concerns, dissatisfactions, suggestions, and/or questions, please feel free to contact us.

LED Desk Lamp

1. Solar recharging, protection and saving energy.

2. Power bank.

3. Can be folded in any angle, easy to use, and easy to carry.

4. Can be adjusted as LED lamp brightness.

5. Use energy-saving LED, no stroboscopic, free maintenance and long life, what’s more, it won’t hurt your eyes.

6. Products with high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, and it is convenient to use.

7. A full battery sustainable light 8-100 hours. (Different LED lamp brightness, last time in light up will be different)

8. Calendar clock/ Alarm and snooze/ Reverse timer.

DC-AC Inverter

This inverter converts a low DC input voltage, 25V to 31V, into a high AC output voltage, up to 90V, for driving a large area, up to 70 square inch, EL (Electroluminescent) lamp. It comes with an internal POT (Potentiometer) for adjusting the output voltage magnitude so that the brightness of the EL lamp can be dimmed down when needed. An external 10k Ohm POT can be connected to dim the output further, if needed. The inverter will work ok without connecting the external POT.


Datasheet for AEL28V90VAC1

LCR Meter

This LCR meter can be used to measure TECs (Thermoelectric Coolers), TEG, ACR (Alternative Current Resistance), which is directly related to health strength of the TEC, as well as the resistors, capacitors, inductors.


High Performance Molded Inductor

Shielded construction

Frequency range up to 1.0 MHz

Lowest DCR/uH in this package size

Handles high transient current spikes without saturation

Ultra low buzz noise due to composite construction

RoHS compliant

Step-Down DC-DC Converter Series

In this step-down DC-DC Converter series, there are three types of converters, ATI2202, ATI2301, and ATI2305.

ATI2202 is a 340 kHz fixed frequency PWM synchronous step-down regulator. The ATI2202 is operated from 4.75V to 18V, the generated output is adjustable from 0.923V to 0.9Vin, and the output current can be up to 2A.

ATI2301 is a step-down current-mode, DC-DC converter. At heavy load, it works at the constant frequency PWM mode which has good stability and transient response.

ATI 2305 is a 1.5MHz switching frequency step-down current-mode, DC-DC converter. With excellent stability and transient response, the constant-frequency PWM control works well at heavy load.

Auto Soldering Iron

The auto soldering iron ATAS80 is a hand-operated tool used for electronic soldering. Melting the solder (usually tin wire) by supplying heat to the solder, then the two work pieces will be welded together. ATAS80 consists of main machine, soldering handle, soldering tips, iron holder, soldering handle connecting wire, power cord, grounding wire. The soldering iron is widely used in many different fields, from common electronic home appliance maintenance, to electronic integrated circuit and chip, etc. It is used more commonly in soldering PCB circuit board in electronic factory or laboratory, especially suitable for soldering operation of precision electron.

Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Modules

Fiber coupled laser diode modules are designed to result in volume products with a high efficiency, stability and superior beam quality. The products are achieved by transforming the asymmetric radiation from the laser diode chip unto an output fiber with small core diameter by using special micro optics. Inspecting and burn-in procedures in every aspect come to a result to guarantee each product with the reliability, stability and long lifetime.


Our tubing is ultra small and high temperature plastic tubing, which can bear high temperarure and has low coefficient of friction. There are a lot of other features such as light weight, excellent dielectric insulation properties and corrosion resistance, etc, much better than the tubings of other materials. This tubing can be applied in many industries, where high temperature and severe condition is needed, like chemical processing,electronic, aerospace and aviation, etc.

Thermal Conductive Material

Thermal conductive materials play an important role in temperature control systems. There are two types of thermal conductive materials including thermal conductive pad and thermal conductive epoxy encapsulant.

Mini USB Color Camera

The ATMC102U is a mini color camera, used in the medical care, microscope, video conferencing, video phones,video email, PC multimedia, toys, industry pipe & well inspection, CCTV security surveillances, etc.

Vacuum Sucking Pen

The vacuum sucking pen is used in SMT parts, metal parts, plastic parts or any item having a smooth and nonporous surface that the rubber vacuum tweezer tip can seal against. We now have three types of vacuum sucking pens for you to choose.


ATSDP-S screwdriver set includes 12 screwdrivers with different specs, 8 Slotted and 4 Phillips. This complete set of screwdrivers provides professional solutions and the durability can meet different tooling requirements.

Voice Activated Sofa Controller

ASFC401 is a voice activated sofa controller, useful for person after surgery, or with handicap or elderly who have difficulty standing. Controlled by users' voice, the lift chair can change the position to meet user's different demand. STAND makes motor extend so chair mechanism moves from recline position through to standing. SIT retracts motor and moves from stand, to sit, to recline position. STOP allows person to control exact position.

Household Earthquake Alarm

Three variables detection: geomagnetism fluctuation, magnetic north and South Pole reverse and vertical P wave variation.

Alarm threshold: ≥3 Richter scale quake.

Internal back up battery standby time: 120 hours.

Come with AC-DC adaptor power supply.

No installation is needed.