Introduction to Metal Ceramic Heater

Time : Mar 05 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

In the electric heating industry, metal ceramic heater is one of the fastest rising products in the heater industry. In recent years, metal ceramic heater is widely used in the electric heating industry.

The performance of MCH is superior in various aspects, such as: rapid heating speed, high temperature, small size, energy saving, environmental protection, easy installation and use, etc. However, because of its characteristics, MCH increases resistance as the temperature rises during heating, so MCH has no constant temperature function. There are also many customers mistakenly believe that MCH and PTC are the same, but in fact, the appearance is only slightly the same, the performance and the principle of heat are completely different. Compared with PTC, it can save 20% - 30% of power consumption under the same thermal energy.

When MCH is heated, the maximum temperature will fluctuate within a certain range, so MCH products can support dry burning and continue to dry burning. Because of this, if you need to control the temperature of the ceramic heater, you need to use it with the controller.

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