Constant Current Laser Driver ATLSxA202

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ATLSxA202D is a high efficiency constant current laser driver module. There are 6 laser drivers in this series, of which the largest current one can drive 6A diode lasers. The “xA” in the model represents the maximum output current of the laser driver module, which can be: 500mA, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 6A respectively. This series laser driver modules feature low noise, high stability, zero EMI and small package.

The following is the block diagram of ATLSxA202D.

The block diagram shows that the laser driver provides these the functions: laser constant current control, laser current monitoring, over current and thermal protection, laser current control indication, laser diode status indication, soft start, and shut down. Please check the application notes for more information on these features:

We have specially designed the evaluation board ATLSxA202DEV1.0 for evaluating the laser driver better. This laser driver module ATLSxA202D can be used with the evaluation board ATLSxA202DEV1.0. The evaluation board has a virtual laser that can be used to simulate how the actual laser diode would be driven by the laser driver. At the same time, users can set and monitor the output current, monitor the working status of the driver by the evaluation board. Please check the application notes for more information about the evaluation board:

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