Constant Current Laser Driver-ATLS6A202D

Time : Sep 29 2018Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Do you know how to identify a good laser driver? Of course, different people hold different point of views. Generally speaking, good laser drivers should be high speed, low noise, high efficiency, constant current and high voltage. Then, what you need to be is to select the parameters that suit your requirements most closely. Analog Technologies, Inc has developed various kinds of high quality laser drivers, tec controllers and smt kits; Now, I will introduce one constant current laser driver, whose part No. is ATLS6A202D. Please take a look at its physical photo of this laser driver.

For its features, let me introduce in details.

This laser driver is an electronic module designed for driving diode lasers with up to 6A constant current, high efficiency, low noise, high reliability, zero EMI, and small package. Its efficiency is over 90%; current output noise is 0.05%. Besides, both SMT and DIP Package are Available

If you are interested in this product, please refer to its datasheet.