AAS40A4V2 Laser Driver

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AAS40A4V2 is a high current laser diode driver. As indicated in its part number, the maximum output current is 40A, and the maximum output voltage is 4V.

It is designed for driving laser diodes with low noise current and high efficiency. This laser driver features an over temperature protection circuit, so the laser driver will shut itself down automatically when detecting the temperature exceeds the pre-set temperature limit. It will restart automatically when the temperature recovers in the normal range.

You can do analog modulation or digital modulation to this laser driver. When you need the laser driver to output constant current, then set pin PCN for analog modulation. When you need digital modulation, such as on/off control, then also use pin PCN to control the output current. Moreover, there is an internal protection for short circuit in the laser driver. These protections would guard the safety of the laser driver and your devices.

This laser diode driver comes with several connectors and terminal blocks for external connections. You can find the typical application schematic below.

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