Selection of Different Types of Laser Driver

Time : Aug 15 2018Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

We have designed a variety of laser drivers. For example, high voltage constant current laser driver, low noise constant current laser driver, high efficiency AC input laser driver, the evaluation board and load assembly of laser driver, etc. In general, they are divided into two categories: DC input modules and AC input modules.The voltage of AC input modules can be 110V, 220V or 240V in some other countries as the power source. Such as AAS12A12V2, AAS40A4V2, AAS45A4V2, etc.

The DC input module is further divided into linear type laser driver and PWM laser driver by output stage type. If the laser diode current required is about 1A or even less, a linear mode laser driver can be the best choice, which features low noise and high speed, but the main shortcoming is: low efficiency, thus producing more heat than the switch mode laser driver. The linear type include: ATLSxA103, ATLSxA104, ATLSxA106.

If the laser diode requires the current > 1A, most likely, a PWM laser driver is needed, provided that the high frequency ripple noise, at about 500KHz, is not a problem for the optical system. The main advantage of the switch mode laser driver is high efficiency, thus producing less heat. The main shortcoming of this type of laser driver is high ripple noise.

More laser driver, evaluation board and load assembly can be found here: