IC ATI2202 Launched by ATI

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As the first IC product launched by Analog Technologies, ATI2202 is well received and praised by our customers. ATI2202 is a PWM synchronous DC-DC converter with a fixed frequency of 340kHz, an operating voltage range of 4.75V ~ 18V, an adjustable output voltage range of 0.923V ~ 0.9VIN, and an operating current of up to 2A.

In addition to programmable soft start, it has functions such as over-current and over-temperature protection with an efficiency up to 93%.


· Input voltage range: 4.75V ~ 18V

· Output voltage adjustable range: 0.923V ~ 0.9VIN

· Output current up to 2A

· Efficiency up to 93%

· Programmable soft start

· Over current and over temperature protection, input under voltage lockout

· Integrated 0.13Ω power MOSFET switches

· Fixed frequency: 340 kHz

ATI2202 DC-DC converter 
Evaluation board ATI2202EV1

The ATI2202 is SOP8 packaged and can be used to drive LEDs, produce low noise voltage/current sources, or applied in laptops. We have also developed a supporting evaluation board for the ATI2202: ATI2202EV1. It has a simple layout and complete functions, easy for operation.

In addition, we have launched a series of IC products such as ATI2301 and ATI2305, and more excellent ICs are coming.

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