First Voltage Reference ATREF500 Launched by ATI

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Analog Technologies, Inc (ATI) has developed and launched its first Voltage Reference design, ATREF500. With many functions, this device can reference all voltages in a circuit, which is especially useful with numerous circuit functions require voltage comparisons. Because of its critical features, the voltage reference can be found in almost all advanced circuit designs as either independent or integrated components with more functions. The ATREF500 specially designed by ATI is 2.048V and an accuracy of ±1μV.

Main Features

· High Accuracy: ±1μV;

· High Reliability;

· Compact Size;

· Ultralow Noise: 100nVp-p @0.1Hz to 10Hz;

· Temperature Coefficient: 1ppm/°C;

· Wide Temperature Range: −40°C~125°C;

· High Output Source and Sink Current;

· Low Dropout Operation.


Pin Locations


The ATREF500 voltage reference features high accuracy and a low temperature coefficient, which can be applied in various high precision fields:

· Data acquisition system

· High resolution ADC or DAC system

· Regulated power supply or excitation source for sensors

· Industrial, optical, or medical fields

ATI has developed a series of voltage references. The reference voltage covers 5 voltages from 2.048V to 5V.

· 2.048V, 2.5V, 3V, 4.096V, 5V

Additionally, the whole series has an accuracy as high as ±1μV, and the temperature coefficient is as low as 1ppm/°C.

Overall, the ATREF500 voltage reference is a cost-effective option that lowers the cost of your R&D system but also increases efficiency.

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