Step-Down DC/DC Converters

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The ATI2202 is a 340 kHz fixed frequency PWM synchronous step-down DC/DC converter. The ATI2202 is operated from 4.75V to 18V, the generated output is adjustable from 0.923V to 0.9Vin, and the output current can be up to 2A.

1. Input Voltage Range: 4.75V ~ 18V

2. Output Voltage Adjustable Range: 0.923V ~ 0.9Vin

3. Output Current up to 2A

4. Efficiency up to 93%

5. Programmable Soft Start

6. Over Current Protection

7. Over Temperature Protection

8. RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb) Free

9. Fixed Frequency: 340 kHz

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In this series, there are three types of buck converters, ATI2202, ATI2301 and ATI2305.

ATI2202 has an evaluation board, ATI2202EV1. It has a wide supply range from 4.75V to 18V and can output up to 2A current continuously. It features a synchronous rectification with integrated high and low side power MOSFETs to achieve high efficiency.


ESD safe

Up to 2A output current with 95% efficiency

Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.75V~18V

Wide Adjustable output: 0.923V~0.9×Vin

Monolithic synchronous buck

Fixed 340KHz frequency

Programmable soft-start on enable control

Overheat, overcurrent and under-voltage protections

RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb) Free

User friendly layout design for easy measurements

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The ATI2301 is a step-down current-mode, DC-DC converter. At heavy load, it works at the constant frequency PWM mode which has good stability and transient response. To ensure the longest battery life under light load in portable applications, the ATI2301 features a power-saving pulse-skipping modulation (PSM) mode, which reduces quiescent current to save power.

1. High Efficiency: up to 96%

2. Internal Synchronous Rectifier

3. High Switching Frequency: 1.5MHz

4. Under-Voltage Lockout

5. Soft Start

6. Short Circuit Protection

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The ATI2305 is a 1.5MHz switching frequency step-down current-mode, DC-DC converter. With excellent stability and transient response, the constant-frequency PWM control works well at heavy load. There is a power-saving Pulse-Skipping Modulation (PSM) mode in the ATI 2305 which can reduce quiescent current under light load operation to save power and ensure the longest battery life in portable applications.

1. Efficiency up to 96%

2. Only 40μA (TYP.) Quiescent Current

3. Output Current up to 1A

4. Internal Synchronous Rectifier

5. Switching Frequency: 1.5MHz

6. Under-Voltage Lockout

7. Soft Start

8. Short Circuit Protection

9. Thermal Shutdown

10. 5-pin Small SOT23-5, DFN2X2 6-Pin and QFN3X3 16-Pin Package

11. Pb-Free Package

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