The Most Precious Multimeter

Time : Mar 23 2020Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :
If you are going to become or have already become an electronic engineer, do you have a multimeter of your own?
A multimeter is one of the most basic tools used in every electronic engineering, and it is the "old guy" that accompanies you for the longest time, and will even accompany you for your entire career years.
My father is not an electronics engineer, but he is an electrician. He owns a pointer-type "antique" multimeter, which is very precious to him. He often wipes it after retirement, and doesn't allow me to touch it. 
Until I graduated from university and became an electronic engineer, I had my first Fluke multimeter. I took it home and showed my father how beautiful this multimeter looks, how powerful it is, and how accurate it is. My father just smiled and took out his multimeter.
It turned out that when my father first joined the work, there was only one multimeter in the electrician team, which belonged to the team leader, father's master. Later, when his master retired, he gave the multimeter to my father, that is why he cherished it so much. This multimeter is not only a tool, but also a feeling and a heritage.
Although my FLUKE multimeter is more intelligent and more convenient to use, there is no doubt that my father's multimeter is the most precious. And I will also cherish my first multimeter more. Maybe I will have more and more advanced multimeters in the future, but I hope that when I retire, I will have my first FLUKE multimeter, the "old guy", by my side.
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