TEC controller-TEC28V15A

Time : Oct 24 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

To be outstanding in the field of analog electronics, Analog Technologies, Inc. (hereafter referred to as ATI) has invested massive manpower physical resources. Now, through efforts, ATI has accumulated over ten thousand customers, and all of them are satisfied with our excellent service. Meanwhile, many people are amazed at the technology in laser control and TEC control that we have achieved. Now, please allow me to introduce one of our newly developed TEC controllers, whose part number is TEC28V15A.

There are two products provided here, one is TEC28V15AS and the other is TEC28V15AD. Now let me explain what the letters in the part number represent. TEC means TEC controller products, 28V is for high output voltage, and the 15A refers to high output current. This TEC controller has built-in smart auto PID control, which is the world first this kind of products. It is worth mentioning that high voltage and high current is two very obvious features of this product. Besides, it is high efficiency, and it can achieve over 92%. There are many more other features and parameters needed to be known, if you are interested in our high voltage high current TEC controller, please visit here to learn more.