Laser Driver Load Assembly-ATLS212DLD1.0

Time : Oct 16 2019Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Analog Technologies, Inc. supplies our customers with electronic modules, including laser driver module, tec controller modules as well as smt component kits. Recently, we have developed another laser driver load assembly ATLS212DLD1.0, which is designed to emulate laser diodes for evaluating a series of laser driver, including ATLS1A212, ATLS2A212 and ATLS3A212. Please find the physical photo of this product:

The mentioned product is specially designed for ATLSxA212 series products. Now, let me introduce its main parameters briefly. This laser driver load assembly is used for emulating the non-linearity of laser diodes, besides, it has high continuous current capability, which is up to 4A. What’s more, extremely high pulse current capability is 100A. We adopt low noise high airflow fan for this product. The efficiency is so high that no heat sink is needed. In addition, these laser drivers have low output noise (except that there is a 500kHz 4mVp-p ripple voltage at the output) and wide modulation bandwidth.

It is recommended to read this application note along with the ATLS1A212D, ATLS2A212D or ATLS3A212D datasheet, and you can find the info. about the above three products at here.