High Voltage Power Supply of DIP Package

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When it comes to high voltage power supply, you may think of bulky instruments, iron box of square shape, or various connection ports and cables. However, it is not entirely true. Today, at Analog Technologies, Inc., I find a series of high voltage power supply modules that can be mounted on the PCB.

This series of high voltage power modules has a DIP package that can be directly mounted on the PCB, featuring small size, high efficiency, high stability, long working time, and small output ripple. Exquisite and beautiful metal case makes zero electromagnetic interference. The output voltage can be adjusted linearly for easy control and installation.

The high voltage power supply that can be mounted on the PCB is more integrated, which is conducive to overall project planning and design. If your product is small and exquisite, your product is thin and light, your product space is limited, or your product weight can not exceed the standard, then this series of high voltage power supply will be a best choice for you.

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