ATLS10A217 Laser Driver

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For driving high voltage diode lasers, we have developed ATLS10A217 laser driver. The laser driver ATLS10A217 can drive high power laser diodes at high efficiency. Only one small DIP package is available. It is powered by a wide DC voltage between 5.5V to 27V, the wide output voltage is from 0.1VVPS to 0.8VVPS and the output current can go up to 10A without using a heat sink.
Here is an internal block diagram of ATLS10A217:
The internal block diagram shows that the laser driver provides these the functions:
1. Standby: The voltage of SBDN pin is between 2.2V and 2.4V, which puts the laser driver into Standby Mode.
2. Shut down: The voltage of SBDN pin is between 0V and 2V, which shuts down the laser driver.
3. 2.5VR: Voltage reference 2.5V output.
4. Laser current setting: The laser driver ATLS10A217 allows setting the output current by different pin LISH and LISL.
5. Laser current monitoring: The output current of the driver can be monitored by measuring the voltage on the LIO pin.
6. Over temperature protection: If the temperature of laser driver exceeds the preset limit (120°C), the driver will be shut down by itself to prevent the driver from being damaged by overheating.
7. Loop good indication: Its purpose is to determine if the laser driver is working properly.
8. Soft start: To achieve low noise, high efficiency, and relatively high modulation speed.
We have specially designed the evaluation board for evaluating the laser driver better. It’s very convenient that the laser driver ATLS10A217 collocates with the evaluation board ATLS216EV1.0.
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