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With the rapid development of science and technology, semiconductor laser technology has penetrated into various fields of national economy and national defense construction. It has a wide range of applications in long-distance communication, laser radar, digital signal storage and recovery, laser ranging, robotics, holographic applications, and medical diagnostics. However, semiconductor lasers are required to be harsh in working conditions, and under improper working or storage conditions, the performance may be deteriorated or even deteriorated. Therefore, the laser driving power supply that makes the laser work normally is particularly important.

Now let's take a look at a high power and small package laser driver. The ATLS15A218D laser driver is an electronic module that combines modularity, high efficiency and low noise. The laser driver also has a wide input range from 0.5V to 15V and a wide output range from 0.1VVPS to 0.8VVPS. Its maximum current can be as high as 15A. Because the efficiency can be as high as 90%, the laser driver generates less heat, so no heat sink is required for normal operation. Only one small DIP package is available, which saves valuable PCB space. It is very difficult for this laser driver to meet the above characteristics at the same time. We also designed the evaluation board ATLS218EV1.0 and load assembly ALLD10A14V for this laser driver. This evaluation board is designed to facilitate wiring and test data reading during testing. The load assembly is used to simulate expensive laser diodes to avoid costly errors when first used.

The development of diode lasers with a wide range of applications and better quality semiconductor laser driver is imperative. In addition to the functions of conventional drivers, the new laser driver should also make the output current more stable and protect the laser more reliably and effectively. Programmatic control of the laser driver using a single-chip microcomputer not only can effectively realize the function, but also makes the operation of the whole machine simple, the interface is friendly, and the automation degree of the whole machine is improved. At the same time, it provides favorable conditions for the improvement and expansion of the performance of the laser drive power supply.

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