Low Noise Laser Driver ATLS500MA106

Time : Oct 12 2018Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Are you looking for a low noise and constant current laser driver with a compact size? ATLS500MA106 is a best choice for you. This laser driver features ultra low noise and constant 500mA current, which is packaged in a metal enclosure with six sides, blocking electro-magnetic interference from other surrounding electronics.

This laser driver can be applied to drive laser diodes with ultra low noise, including DPSSL, EDFA, SOA, fiber laser, DSB diode lasers, and so on. The laser driver has an internal temperature compensation network that keep the output current the same even when the temperature of the laser driver rises. If the laser driver is shut down by over temperature, it will restart itself after a few seconds’ cooling down. These protection measures will keep the expensive laser diodes safe. Moreover, a low noise 2.5V reference voltage is used for setting the output current. The voltage reference is shut down when the laser driver is shut down.

We also offer one laser driver with lower current in the same series, ATLS250MA106, with up to 250mA low noise current.

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