Laser Driver ATLS15A218

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What is a laser driver? It is a driving device for controlling a semiconductor laser. Generally, the laser driver internally includes a temperature control circuit and a laser diode driving circuit. Semiconductor devices are sensitive to temperature, so precise temperature control is required. Semiconductor lasers are usually driven by a constant current laser driver.

What is the most advanced laser driver in the world? For sure, it is ATLS15A218 laser driver developed by ATI. It has a wide output voltage range of 5.5V ~ 25V, and can drive one or more continuous laser diodes at the same time, with a maximum driving current up to 15A.

ATLS15A218 laser driver has low output current noise of <12μA@0.1Hz~10Hz, high current stability of <±20mA@15A&-20°C ~ 80°C, low output ripple voltage <10mV@500kHz and up to ≥90% super high efficiency.

The ATLS15A218 laser driver features dual independent current setting ports, LISH and LISL, as well as three control states, shutdown, standby, and operation.

The ATLS15A218 laser driver is fully shielded from electromagnetic interference, 100% lead-free and RoHS compliant.

In addition, ATLS15A218 laser driver is advanced in technology, complete in function, small in size, easy to integrate and convenient to use. Therefore, it is the best choice for project development and experimental research.

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