Super SMD/SMT Component Enclosure

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Sorting, storing and finding a SMD (Surface Mount Device) - sometimes called SMT (Surface Mount Technology), components is not easy, this is because they are so tiny and there are so many kinds of them: different sizes, values, types, etc. There is a good news: a special enclosure has been developed and made available by Analog Technologies, Inc., for solving this problem. The product is called Super SMD/SMT Component Enclosure. It is a big box with a big cover, underneath, there are 128 compartments, each of them has a dedicated lid; each lid has a small handle for opening and closing the lid and, under the handle, there is a legend area for marking the values of the parts inside. The lid is locked into its position so that the small SMD/SMT parts won't be leaked out, see photo below. 
After using, close all the small lids and the big cover which has resilient foam pad. When the big cover closes, this foam (shown in yellow) pad presses all the small lids downward so that they remain locked even under severe shocking and vibration, see the drawing:
Therefore, this enclosure is not only being a convenient solution for storing and sorting small parts, but also a reliable means for transporting them. The photos below are the views from outside, underneath, and inside. The most suitable parts to store into this enclosure are: SMD/SMT resistors, SMD/SMT capacitor, SMD/SMT inductors, SMD/SMT ICs (Integrated Circuits), small mechanical parts, etc. 
By using this Super SMD/SMT Component Enclosure, you can keep usually clustered bench top clean and organized, you can put ATI kits like the below:
By doing this, eliminate all "fatal" mistakes when using a wrong value components in a critical place of a circuit. Meanwhile, it is quite convenient to use these kits. See the figure below:
The source of the product, Analog Technologies, Inc., is a reliable and reputable company. It has been in business for > 17 years and offers > 100 different products. In addition to the laboratory tool type products, they also have laser drivers, TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) controllers, TECs (Thermo-Electric Coolers), high precision and high stability thermistors, customized heat sinks, TEC assemblies, etc., for photonic, display and biotech industries.