VICI LCR Meter DM4070

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VICI Multimeter

Main Features:
1. Measures Capacitance 0.1 pF ~ 2000 uF; Inductance 0.1uH ~ 20H; Resistance 0.01ohm ~ 20Mohm;
2. Resolution: Capacitance 0.1 pF; Inductance 0.1uH; Resistance 0.01ohm;
3. Simultaneous 1999 count display of the primary parameter (L, C or R)
4. Test frequencies of 1kHz
5. Selectable Parallel or Series equivalent circuit
6. Ideal for testing SMD type components.
7. Sampling rate: 0~ 5s
8. Open and Short Zero removes unwanted stray impedances from the measurement
9. Auto power off when stop working for 20 minutes.
10. Self-discharge for capacitance test
11. Powered by 9V battery; Low battery Indication.
12. Comes with test leads, 9V battery and protective holster.