CO2 Laser High Voltage Power Supply

Time: Sep 21 2020 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:

Analog Technologies has just launched a new product series, CO2 laser high voltage power supply, which can be applied in CO2 laser cutter, laser marking machine, small laser engraving machine, etc. It includes one new model, AHVAC40WBT. The part number shows us that the total power is 40W and it is a bench top power supply. The physical photo is shown as follows.

This CO2 high voltage power supply features high efficiency, high precision, open circuit protection, fast response time, and over-current protection. The open circuit protection can prevent the power supply from being damaged by the burst of the laser tube, so the service life of the high voltage power supply will be ensured and even largely improved. The voltage output of this power supply is 24VDC/3A and 5VDC/1A that can provide power to the motherboard directly. It also adopts force-air cooling as its cooling methods. You can find a simple connection reference between the power supply and the laser tube as follows.

More types of CO2 laser high voltage power supplies are coming soon.

Our datasheet includes more technical data and parameters, and you can find it here:

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