CO2 Laser High Voltage Power Supply AHVAC60WBT

Time: Oct 21 2020 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:

A new CO2 laser high voltage power supply, AHVAC60WBT, has been added to the CO2 laser high voltage power supply family. Now we have three models in this power supply family. As the part number shows, this power supply has a maximum power of 60W, and it is a benchtop type. You can find its physical photo as follows.

With a different look, this CO2 high voltage power supply comes with high precision, high efficiency, fast response, open circuit protection, etc. A 0 to 5V analog signal or a PWM signal can be used for controlling the laser output power. With a 5V 1A DC voltage output, this power supply directly provides power to the motherboard. The open circuit protection avoids damages to the power supply so as to extend the service life of the power supply.

We are now developing more models in this high voltage power supply family.

You can find the datasheet for the new AHVAC60WBT here:

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