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Evaluation Board TEC14MEV1.0 for Micro TEC Controller TEC14M5V3R5AS

This evaluation board TEC14MEV1.0 can only work with our our micro TEC controller TEC14M5V3R5AS and cannot be purchased seperately. Purchase the evaluation board and micro TEC controller together.

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This evaluation board, TEC14MEV1.0, is designed for evaluating the controller TEC14M5V3R5AS conveniently. The TEC14M5V3R5AS is an electronic module designed for driving TEC with high stability and low noise. The main purpose of using the evaluation board is to tune the compensation network on the board for matching the characteristics of users’ thermal load. The objectives of the tuning are to minimize the response time of the thermal control loop and the dynamic temperature tracking errors, while keeping the control loop stable.


The TEC controller evaluation board TEC14MEV1.0 is consisted of a complete tuning and application circuit for driving a TEC. It can set the output voltage limit, tune the compensation network, set internal operating temperature point, and has an LED for indicating the temperature status of the controller, and has numerous connection pads for making connections with external components and instruments.